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Oromo Self Reliance Association is also promoting school based water supply, sanitation and hygiene education projects for rural schools to solve the problems of clean water supply and sanitation and hygiene. The main purpose of the project is  to create healthy learning, teaching and working environment in schools facing the problem of clean water supply and sanitation. The specific objectives of school WASH are: create access to safe water sources for school communities, improve hygiene and sanitation practices of schools and community through provision of child and gender friendly sanitation facilities (latrines, urinals, wash rooms, hand washing facilities, etc), and build the capacity of schools and communities to operate, manage and sustain their water and sanitation facilities.

School based WASH projects create access to clean water supply for both students and teachers and especially benefits girls  by providing clean water and sanitation facility like wash rooms used for sanitation purposes during their menstrual cycles. This helps to increase girls’ school enrollment rate as well as decreasing school dropout rate due to lack of clean water and sanitation facilities. 

School WASH projects use participatory approaches like School Led Total Sanitation (SLTS) and school health clubs which are instrumental to conduct community outreach activities to promote hygiene and sanitation activities within communities.


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