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Handura Becho Farmers Marketing Service Cooperative

Today in the world there are a number cooperatives organized and provide different types of services to their members and non members to solve their most basic socio-economic problems. The most beneficiaries from these cooperative organizations are poor’s, because cooperatives are organized to solve common problems that cannot be solving alone. Based on the above issue Handhura Becho Farmers Marketing Service Cooperative Union has been established basically to solve the marketing problem of farmers.

Handhure Becho Farmers Marketing Service Cooperative Union established on date March 13, 2012 as per cooperative proclamation number 147/98 and its amendment cooperative proclamation number 402/2004 at Tulu Bolo town. The union serves its members and local communities in oromiya Regional state south west shoa zone four weredas (Illu,Saden Sodo,Dawo,Becho). It has 30 member primery cooperatives and 7 lined primary cooperatives which will be expected to be the member of the union. The numbers of individual members to the union are male 2051 and 625 female total 2676 and their family size is 7403 and 6837 total 14240 respectively.  

Handhure Becho farmers marketing service cooperative union announced 300 shares, single share worth 5000.00 birr. At the date of establishment the union sold 159 shares which worth 755,000.00 birr. It indicates that the union initial capital is 755,000.00 birr. This amount of birr is used for its infrastructure constriction as well as for its working capital.


To See socially and economically Empowered Society by Delivering sustainable, Sufficient and reliable Services.


By Delivering Efficient Service Improving the Production and Productivity of Farmers as well as Marketing Their Products at Central and international Market


  • To promote the farmers product specially “Teff” and Chick pea to be marketable
  • To solve the members economic as well as social problems
  • To enhance the farmers bargaining power
  • To add values to the farmers product to make more competitive
  • To supply different industrial products to the farmers


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