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OSRA adopted value chain approach to support farmers marketing organizations competitiveness in the market based on the analysis of the experiences and challenges that the cereal banks have been facing in past years. The value chain approach is focusing on specific agricultural commodities like teff, wheat and chickpea. The approach employs a series of production and marketing analysis and identification of various chain actors and supporters at different levels which are involved in the production, input supply and marketing of the crops along the chain.
OSRA is supporting the FMOs in identifying marketable commodity, building their capacities through training on value chain concepts and approaches, business management skills, and leaderships and facilitation of various discussion forums among the chain actors and supporters and creation of market linkages among buyers and farmers marketing organizations (FMOs), and access to financial resources.
In order to strengthen the competitiveness of FMOs, OSRA along with other partners has been supporting FMOs to establish different clusters and coordinates their activities together. In this respect,12 Farmers marketing organizations organized by OSRA and 19 FMOs organized by Facilitators for Change (FC), which is a local NGO and one of the partners of OSRA, have jointly established a Union called /Handura Becho Farmers Marketing Service Cooperative Union/ in Becho district, South West Shewa zone.
The union has 2051 male and 625 female members with a total capital of 2,640496.84 Ethiopian Birr. Some of the main services that the union is providing to its member FMOs and their respective Smallholder farmers include:
  • Create enabling market outlet for all applicable members through pooling together the agricultural produce of FMO members so as to become competent and access fair market price for their production.
  • Provide and disseminate updated market information on agricultural product.  Offered various agricultural input (fertilizer, improved Varity seed which is highly demanded and etc) to its members. as well as provide various consumable goods to FMO members based on their needs.
  • Facilitate market linkage with regular buyers of the grain products by each FMO members
  • Organized various training for respective FMO leader in order to capacitate and overcome their skill gap identified.


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