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The main objectives of Oromo Self Reliance Association are:

  • To assist the poor and needy community so as to engage in their socio economic development; promote sense of self reliance and culture of collaborative efforts and working together
  • To promote community centered integrated development programs that contribute to improve the livelihoods of the community such as provision of water, health, education and agricultural development services
  • To promote sustainable use, development and management of natural resources and practices to protect environment and thereby eliminate the consequences of climate change and natural calamities
  • To support relief and rehabilitation efforts so as to protect the communities from natural calamities.
  • To support and promote anti harmful traditional practices that endangers the health of women and children; and assist the efforts to economic empowerment of women and children
  • Promote the advancement of the language, arts, culture and heritage of Oromo
  • Encourage the youth to engage in their socio economic advancement and support their effort


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