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Oromo Self Reliance Association (OSRA) is an indigenous non-political, non-profit making and secular voluntary organization established by a group of interested and dedicated intellectuals, professionals, prominent public and business personnel and community leaders in 1995. It was registered by the Ministry of Justice and re- registered as Ethiopian Residents Charity in accordance with Charities and Societies Proclamation No 621/2009 in October 2009.

The general assembly is the supreme organ of its management body with the power to appoint board members, decide on major policy issues and approve annual work program, budget, audit report etc. OSRA’s motto is “help people to help themselves”.

Oromo Self Reliance Association has a firm stand that poverty alleviation in the country in general and in Oromia region in particular could be possible only if the communities are mobilized in a coordinated and organized way for their own economic development. For more information please click here


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